New Year's Code Resolution

Posted by surF on January 6, 2018

Yet another post on new year’s resolutions. Actually I am writing it just to keep track of my achievements and see what happens in the following months.

So here it is…

  • Refactor my development setup. Standing desk, new monitors, new keyboard, new laptop are ready to shine.
  • Publish all the code I developed locally. It’s a lot of code which may be useful for the community. I want to find some spare time to refactor it, fill it with documentation and make it as easy as possible to quickly see it in action.
  • Speed up the development cycle. Many times I find myself working with people who don’t know what a VM is (don’t even think about vagrant or docker) and I believe that seeing code written in the local /var/www/ in 2018 is an avoidable pain. So my resolution here is to stress the use of some sort of ‘‘container’’ which makes it possible to ship faster and collaborate painlessly being able to reproduce the same environment.
  • Learn TDD and Dynamic Programming. This is something I started to study many times but I never tried in a real world use case. I believe in it, and I think it may be a good deal to foster it more.
  • Contribute to FOSS projects more. Which translates in polishing and pushing some patches I’ve already done for a set of programs locally and in finding more interesting projects to contribute to.
  • Donate to FOSS projects. I will continue to do it as much as possible.
  • Read more. My next buy will be the latest release of ‘‘Two Scoops of Django’’.

Let’s see what I can do in this 2018! :)